“Doing it this way keeps it on even longer.”
Hailey in Los Angeles, California

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About Fullday® Eyeliner Sealer

My Eyeliner Stays on ALL DAY!….Does Yours?

  • Enjoy an Active Lifestyle………Be outdoors………..Exercise or Swim Wearing Fullday Eyeliner Sealer

        Your eyeliner won’t budge or smudge.

Fullday stays on all day, supporting an active lifestyle in heat or humidity!

Fullday® Eyeliner Sealer

Fullday Eyeliner Sealer goes over the top of any eyeliner Keeping Your Eyeliner Looking Fresh All Day.

It’s ready to use, a clear eyeliner sealer that will prevent eyeliner’s from smudging or fading. When applied over any eyeliner, Fullday will keep your eyeliner looking as though you just applied it and  Eyeliner’s will stay on longer; they won’t smudge or transfer.

Apply your eyeliner in the morning and go about your day knowing that you look your best. You won’t have to look in a mirror throughout the day with Fullday protecting it. There’s no need to reapply your eyeliner, or worry about  eyeliner smudge, and above all, it won’t transfer to your upper eyelid. Go out in the heat and humidity; it’s sweat proof and transfer proof! You can run, cycle, swim or go dancing. Your eyeliner will stay in place!

Do you have oily eyelids? Fullday can help.

Fullday is easy to useFullday Eye Liner

Fullday is Ready and Easy to Use

There’s no mixing of powders with liquids, Fullday eyeliner sealer is ready to use. It comes with a streamlined brush for easy application. Simply line your eyes with whatever eyeliner you like to use, and then apply Fullday eyeliner sealer over the top. You only need the smallest amount to keep your eyeliner in place.

Fullday eyeliner sealer goes on easily and effortlessly and dries extremely fast to keep your eyeliner looking fresh bright and bold all day.

No Need to Change Cosmetic Brands

We all like to look our best and pick makeup that compliments us. Use any eyeliner with Fullday over the top; it stays in place! There’s no need to change cosmetic brands as Fullday can be used over any type of eyeliner such as liquid eyeliner, eye shadow used as eyeliner, as well as cake liners.

Apply your best eyeliner with Fullday over the top, it will make your eyeliner last much longer. Stop eyeliner smudging and reduce how many eyeliners you buy throughout the year. (Click here to buy now!)

How to remove Fullday Eyeliner Sealer

Remove Fullday with soap and water or makeup remover.

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Fullday keeps your eyeliner protected in the water!

Will Fullday Eyeliner Sealer Work on Watery or Oily Eyes?

Do you suffer with the frustration of watering eyes? Fullday eyeliner sealer will preserve your eyeliner for much longer. Watering eyes will also encourage you to wipe your eyes, causing eyeliners to smudge. Stop eyeliner smudge  with Fullday eyeliner sealer.

Natural oil secretions on your eyes build up throughout the day reducing the effects of makeup. Fullday masks these effects.

What are you waiting for? Fullday protects your eyeliner ALL day!
Fullday Eye Liner

Perhaps You’ve Been Thinking About Permanent Eyeliner Tattoo’s?

Permanent Tattoo Eyeliner Leaves Lots of Room for Regret!…………There’s No Room for Regret Using Fullday Eyeliner Sealer

Perhaps you’ve been thinking about permanent eyeliner having a tattooed eyeliner? Why try something as painful and irreversible as a tattoo on eyeliner? Instead try Fullday. Your eyeliner will stay in place all day. You can’t back out of a tattoo on your eyelid half way through it, no matter how painful!

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