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Eyeliner Tips

Fullday Eye LinerMany want to know how you use eyeliner, how to put eyeliner on, eyeliner tips and how to keep eyeliner on.

We are all in pursuit of the best eyeliner, whether you consider the best eyeliner to be one that stays on longer or will give you a smokey look.

When applying eyeliner, knowing how to apply eyeliner to get the best eyeliner look requires a steady hand. If you let the palm of your hand rest against your chin, this will allow you to put eyeliner on much easier, thereby avoiding uneven lines, especially if you use liquid eyeliner. For the best eyeliner look, you can try pushing the outer corner of your eyelid up and out a little, and use short strokes verses focusing on drawing a straight even line.


Eyeliner Tip #1 – How you use eyeliner?

Pencil eyeliners are used for soft definition. A warm pencil allows application to be much easier and smoother, try gently heating the tip of you eyeliner pencil with a blow dryer.

Draw a line on your upper eyelid just on the lash line or a dotted line for a mistier, soft effect. Then take an angled brush or cotton tip applicator and gently rub it across the eyeliner using short strokes. Then apply Fullday eyeliner sealer to keep that look all day.


Eyeliner Tip #2 – How to put eyeliner on and get the same straight line you get from liquid eyeliner, from pencil eyeliner to get the best eyeliner look.

You can store your pencil eyeliner in the freezer overnight. This reduces the softness and allows you to get the same straight narrow line a liquid liner is used for. The apply Fullday eyeliner sealer over the top to keep it there all day.

Tips for Applying Eyeliner

Eyeliner Tip #3 – What is the best eyeliner pencil for sharpening to get a fine line? Use any cold pencil eyeliner for the best eyeliner look. To keep it in place, use Fullday eyeliner sealer.

Sharpening pencil eyeliners to a fine point causes breakage and waste when at room temperature. Try placing it in the freezer overnight and then sharpen it!


Eyeliner Tip #4

Eye shadow can be used to line your eyes. It’s best to use an angled brush to apply for definition. You can also wet the brush for a more intense color. Then apply Fullday eyeliner sealer over the top to keep it looking like you just applied it hours later.


Eyeliner Tip #5

Liquid eyeliners are used for a more dramatic look. You need a very steady hand. Try lining your eye with a pencil eyeliner then use the liquid liner over the top for a bolder look. Use Fullday eyeliner protectant to lock it in place.


Best Tips for Applying EyelinerEyeliner Tip #6 – Use an eyeliner pencil and eye shadow instead of mascara on the lower lashes.

Simply grasp the bottom of the eyelid and pull downward. Take an eyeliner pencil and darken in your lower eyelashes. Then take an eye shadow brush that’s been dipped in a dark eye shadow and apply to the bottom eyelashes, starting at the inside of the eye. The last 3/4 of the eye (towards the outside) should be covered in more eyes shadow than the rest. Clean the look up by running a dry, clean brush back and forth over the area. This will skip the need for mascara that can cause raccoon eyes on the lower eyelid. Some don’t like to use waterproof mascara due to its fumes and how hard it is to get off!


Eyeliner Tip #7 – How you use eyeliner, the best look for older wrinkly eyes

As we age, our eyelids wrinkle. The best eyeliner look is to use an eyeliner pencil, then use a brush to give it that misty look, keeping it a little darker closer to your eyelash line. You can also use eye shadows to line your eyes and then apply Fullday eyeliner sealer keeping it looking fresher much longer.

If you apply eyeliner to your lower lash line (not recommended as you age), apply it directly on the eyelash line verse underneath it. Then use your finger to soften it, taking away that harsh look. Only go half way across your eye starting at the outer most corner moving towards the inner corner. Try it on your eyes today!


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