“It is refreshing to buy a product that actually lives up to its promises.”
Patty in Colorado

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Question: How do you remove Fullday eyeliner sealer?
Answer: With soap and water. It washes of easily.

Question: Can this be used effectively with cream eyeliners?
Answer: Yes, Fullday eyeliner sealer works effectively with all mediums: pencil eyeliners, eye shadow used as a eyeliner and liquid eyeliners etc.

Question: Is it sticky?
Answer: No Fullday eyeliner sealer is not sticky and dries fast.

Question: How long does it take to dry?
Answer: Fullday eyeliner sealant dries in seconds.

Question: My eyelashes are very long; I used this over my mascara to keep my eyelashes from putting mascara on my lid. Is it safe t do this? I don’t like waterproof mascara, the fumes makes my eyes water.
Answer: Yes it safe .We have had others tell us that they use it over their mascara by using a mascara brush. They said it worked great for them.

Question: Can I buy this in the UK?
Answer: We currently have no facilities in the UK, but we can ship overseas anywhere if you contact us: info@fulldayliner.com

Question: Will this stay on in Chlorinated water?
Answer: Yes it will