“Doing it this way keeps it on even longer.”
Hailey in Los Angeles, California

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Fullday Benefits

Fullday keeps your eyeliner protected in the water!Enjoy an Active Lifestyle, be outdoors; exercise or swim wearing Fullday, your eyeliner won’t budge.


  • Waterproof – Swim and exercise wearing it
  • Oil proof – Fullday works great on oily eyes
  • Long Lasting Eyeliner – No matter what eyeliner you use, Fullday makes it a long lasting eyeliner
  • Save money – Your eyeliner products will last longer since they only have to be applied once a day
  • No Room For Regret – It washes off with soap and water; unlike permanent eyeliner
  • Confidence – Go about your day knowing you look your best.
  • Convenient – You only have to apply your eyeliner one time as Fullday keeps it looking fresh……And less baggage to lug around-you no longer have to tote your eyeliner
  • Keep your favorite cosmetic brands – Fullday compliments your current eyeliner product
  • Ease of use – There’s no mixing of powders with liquids like other products. Fullday is ready to use
  • Painless– Unlike a permanent eyeliner tattoo
What are you waiting for?
Fullday protects your eyeliner ALL day!

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