“A lot of eyeliners are waterproof; I couldn't find one that was oil proof.”
June in Maryland

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How To Apply

Applying Eyeliner Needs Practice! Applying Fullday …Anyone Can Do It!

Fullday Eye Liner

Application for optimum results:

There are two ways to apply Fullday eyeliner sealer to stop eyeliners from fading, transferring and wearing off.

Application for pencil eyeliners and liquid eyeliners

For optimum results it is recommended that you apply face powder or eye shadow to your eyes as a “primer” to reduce the likelihood of Fullday transferring to the upper eyelid during the initial drying process. Do not use moisturizers on your eyelids prior to applying any eye makeup due to their ability to break it down.

    • Apply your favorite eyeliner to your eye lid. If using a liquid eyeliner, allow ample time for it to dry prior to applying Fullday.
    • Glide Fullday’s tapered brush applicator over the top of your eyeliner. Multiple applications are not needed. Fullday works best with one light coat.
    • Remove with makeup remover or soap and water.

Application for eye shadow or powders to line your eyes

If you use an eye shadow or colored powder to create the same effect as an eyeliner pencil, you glide Fullday over the top as you would with a pencil liner, or you can place Fullday directly on to your eyelid, and then apply eye shadow over the top with a separate makeup brush (works great for excessively oily skin).

* Fullday is not recommended for use on the inner most part of your eyelid, inside your lashes; only on the outside eyelid, just outside your lashes.

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Best Eyeliner Practice

Applying eyeliner is an important part of eye makeup. It gives a dramatic touch to the face and can make eyes look attractive, bigger, and shapely. Without eyeliner, make up is never complete.

Most women apply pencil eyeliners for a soft definition in getting the best eyeliner look. For a smokey eyeliner effect, use a pencil eyeliner, then smudge the eyeliner with your fingertip, a brush or cotton tip applicator. Then seal it in place with Fullday.

Liquid eyeliners are used to create a more defined very bold look. They are also harder to apply requiring much more practice, but still they wear off as the day goes on. Fullday will extend the life of liquid eyeliner.

When applying eyeliner, knowing how to apply eyeliner to get the best eyeliner look requires a steady hand. If you let the palm of your hand rest against your chin, this will allow you to put eyeliner on much easier, thereby avoiding uneven lines, especially if you use liquid eyeliner. For the best eyeliner look, you can try pushing the outer corner of your eyelid up and out a little, and use short strokes verses focusing on drawing a straight even line.

Fullday stays on all day, supporting an active lifestyle in heat or humidity!

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