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Oily Eye Lids? – Are You in Search for that Long Lasting Eyeliner?

Lock your eyeliner color in place all day with Fullday eyeliner sealer.


Fullday Eye Liner Before and After Example 1
Fullday Eyeliner Sealer is applied at 7:00 p.m. to the eye on the left. The eye to the right does not have Fullday protecting it. By 9:00 a.m. the following morning, the eye with Fullday eyeliner sealer over the top still has eyeliner present. The eyeliner on the right eye with no Fullday virtually disappears.

What is the best eyeliner for an oily eye?

Fullday eyeliner sealer over any eyeliner is a great option for combating the effects of oily skin on your eyeliner.

Eyeliners run and smudge when they come in to contact with oils that are being secreted through the skin. This makes it tough to find a product that works for an oily eyelid. Even waterproof eyeliners have a hard time staying in place with oily eye lids.

It is always best not to use liquid foundations on your eyes when applying eyeliner as they never truly dry, they are oil based and will prevent the eyeliner from creating a bond with your skin.

Create a stable base for your eyeliner

By using a face powder or neutral eye shadow on your skin first, you will create a stable base for any pencil liner or liquid eyeliner. Then place Fullday eyeliner sealer over the top of your eyeliner to lock it in place thereby  stopping  fading and smudging.

You can also use eye shadow as eyeliner, and then seal it in place with Fullday.

Eyes are the most important of all facial features. Most of us barely step out of our homes without applying eyeliner; we feel naked without applying it. We go to many lengths to enhance the beauty of our eyes; however, most eyeliners tend to do a disappearing act within minutes of application, and many times it is due to oily eye lids. Eyeliners can hardly stand up to the moisture and oils on your eyes. When your eyeliner fails to survive the effects of oily eyes, humidity or a flood of tears, use Fullday eyeliner sealer to keep it in place.

Oil proof…. Natural Oils On Your Eyes Reduces the Effects of Makeup….Fullday Reverses These Effects

Oily eyes make your eyeliner creep in to the creases of your eyes and just run in general. Pencil eyeliners and eye shadow used as eyeliner are typically the best eyeliner when you have oily eyes. Liquid eyeliners, even when touted as waterproof eyeliner still smudge after a few hours on an oily eye. With Fullday eyeliner sealant you can enjoy the use of any eyeliner.

How to wear eyeliner?

Take your favorite eye shadow shade; use an angled brush and place the shadow next to your lash line, then apply Fullday eyeliner sealer over the top. You can even put more eye shadow over the top of Fullday, creating an extra layer of protection. Try it on your eyes today!

On none oily eyes, waterproof eyeliners can be very stubborn to remove, taking lots of effort to completely remove it. They leave residue on eyelids; it takes persistence, scrubbing and patience to remove. By using a none waterproof eyeliner with Fullday eyeliner sealer over the top, all you need is soap and water; it washes off easily; no scrubbing necessary.

  • Fullday is Sweat Proof and Transfer Proof
  • Exercise Wearing Fullday

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