“A lot of eyeliners are waterproof; I couldn't find one that was oil proof.”
June in Maryland

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“I have battled extremely oily eyelids all my life. Any eyeliner or eye shadow ended up completely smeared or gone by the end of my working day, or I was constantly reapplying it to make it stay.
I have tried so many products that promised to last, but none held up to their promises until I tried Fullday.

It is refreshing to buy a product that actually lives up to its promises. Thank you so much for allowing me to apply my eyeliner and forget it – you have a wonderful product!”
Patti, CO
“This product was recommended to me by a client because I am a school teacher and a swimming teacher. I come right from school with my makeup on to the pool in the afternoon and after 3 hours in the pool my liner would be gone or somewhere near my cheeks. I tried this product and applied first thing in the morning, went to swimming and taught for hours. My liner was still on and looking fresh. I wish more things stood up to chlorine like Fullday!….by far the best waterproof product!”
Bridget, GA

What our customers are saying about FulldayI use Fullday over my eye shadow on my upper eyelid for a thick eyeliner effect. I’ve never been able to keep eye shadow on this long. I love Fullday, it truly does work!”

Jackie, TN

“I tried waterproof eyeliners. Some of them do stay on, but that’s the problem, you can’t get them off. It takes makeup remover and lots of rubbing. I like Fullday as it just washes off with tied down to one liner!”

Connie, CA

“I have spent a lot of money over the years trying different eyeliners only to have them rub off or fade. Now if I see one I want to try I just buy it, knowing that I have Fullday to keep it in place.”
Justine, LA
“I’m sure a lot of people, like me, when you are getting older suffer with watering eyes. Its so frustrating after taking time and trouble to apply your make up and then to discover that your eyeliner is disappearing because your eyes are watering. This Fullday eyeliner sealer is marvellous in preserving your eyeliner and one wonders why it has not been discovered before now.”
Norma, UK

What our customers are saying about Fullday“I’m so happy I found Fullday eyeliner sealer. I’ve bought so many products trying to find something that would work.”


“I also use it on my eyelashes over mascara. It stops mascara from coming off where my lashes touch my skin. I use an old mascara brush it fits in the bottle really well.”

Emma, Long Beach, California


“A friend of mine told me about this product called Fullday. She said that Fullday would keep your eyeliner from smudging. I told her that I would give it a try because I was tired of it fading after an hour or two. My first time trying Fullday was the day that I went to the dentist. The doctor gave me a shot in the mouth and tears streamed down my face from the sting of the needle. I wiped my eyes with some Kleenex and the doctor proceeded with my dental procedure. At the end of my visit the dental assistant gave me a mirror to look at me teeth. What I saw was a bright pretty smile and beautiful eyes! I didn’t have a single smudge around my eyes ! Way to go Fullday!”
Nicole, Atlanta GA
“I searched for years for a product that would make my eyeliner last. A lot of eyeliners are waterproof; I couldn’t find one that was oil proof. I even gave up using eyeliner for a while. Fullday eyeliner sealer works like a charm. The tapered brush is great; the product is easy to apply and dries fast. I recommend it to all; Please keep it on the market!”
June, MD

What our customers are saying about Fullday“I put Fullday on my eyelid first then put eye shadow over the top of it. Doing it this way keeps it on even longer! …it’s amazing! If you are thinking of trying it, it seriously works.”

Hailey- Los Angeles, California

“I was seriously considering going the permanent makeup route and getting tattoo on eyeliner. I was close to trying it but scared as there seem to be many cons to it. I’m so glad I tried Fullday and dint go with tattoo eyeliner . I was so tired of reapplying eyeliners, even the so called long lasting eyeliners didn’t work very well”

Veronica, TX

“My best eyeliner wouldn’t stay on very long. I was constantly re applying it …it kind of got frustrating. I didn’t want to look for another brand of eyeliner as this was my best eyeliner. I tried fullday over the top and it works great! Now my eyeliner stays on for a long time.”

Toni, HI
“I love this stuff! It really works and you don’t have to mix it like other eyeliner sealers. Stays there all day! Definitely thinking about being a rep and most especially getting some of these as stocking stuffers.”
Robin, GA
“I love your eyeliner sealer product. I tried it yesterday over an eye pencil that in the past lost its power after a few hours. I’m happy to report that my eyeliner stayed on all day and I LOVE IT! It’s so easy to apply and the applicator is very thin allowing you to apply either a very thin seal. This eyeliner sealer has become part of my daily makeup routine!”
Shari, AL